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harishameed33 November 10, 2012 07:12

from ICEM to Pointwise
hi, i want to export surface grid from ICEM to pointwise.. i am using CGNS format to do this.. but the problem is when i open the file in pointwise it converts my structured grid to unstrutured mesh. i have tried to use other formats but the result is same. i have checkd that its pointwise that diagonalize my surface mesh on import. need help in this regard

rmatus November 10, 2012 10:31

Try PLOT3D format

Try using the PLOT3D format. Pointwise will only keep the quad cells for a truly structured format. Most likely the other formats you are using are writing quad grids, but in an unstructured format.

Also, be aware you can import surface grids either as grid or database. (Or both if you want, but that is two separate operations.)

If that does not work, let me know.


harishameed33 November 10, 2012 14:35

but i only have surface grid in icem... and for plot3d format it says "Solver Plot3d supports multiblock mesh" so how to export surface grid in plot3d format

i have surface mesh in icem and i also want to import it as grid in pointwise not database

rmatus November 12, 2012 18:01

Looks like there is a 2D PLOT3D export option
It looks like you can select whether you are exporting a 2D or 3D PLOT3D file from ICEM, but I have not used it in years so can't say whether that works for exporting a 3D surface grid.

The format Pointwise is looking for is in Appendix III.1 of the Pointwise User Manual.

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