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Vatant (Vatant) October 20, 2004 17:50

Hello I wanted to r

I wanted to run Foam on a model generated by Fluent(Gambit - Fluent *.msh file)
I opened up a new Folder with a case name and copied concerned source files..something like turbFoam.c and related files.

I ran 'fluentMeshtoFoam root case' but it could not read controlDict File. So I created constant and system folders in the case folder manually.
I then tried running Fluentmesh conversion and it created polymesh and other files.

I would like to know, how to generate the initial mesh fields p,Rho, U etc in the '0/' folder with dimensions and specified fields..

Also, "meshDescription" file in the polyMesh was not created by the 'fluentMeshtoFoam' Utility. How can I scale the grid to mm ? should I run blockMesh after fluent to Foam Mesh conversion ?



Mattijs Janssens (Mattijs) October 21, 2004 04:10

You can create a new case or
You can create a new case or copy an existing one in FoamX. This will take care of setting it up for the desired application (icoFoam, turbFoam, etc.).

The only thing different for your case would be the mesh generation phase where you don't run blockMesh but a mesh converter instead.

To scale a mesh use scalePoints which takes root,case and three scaling factors. Just use

scalePoints -

to see the arguments.


ztdep August 11, 2005 02:50

how did you know th escalePoin
how did you know th escalePoints,

where can i get the similar information


henry August 11, 2005 04:04

Take a look in the utilities d
Take a look in the utilities directory.

philippe November 8, 2005 20:03

I'm on version 1.2 and it seem
I'm on version 1.2 and it seems that the utility scalePoints is gone, can't find it in FoamX or as a function in console. So how can I scale my imported mesh?

hjasak November 8, 2005 20:10

Try something like: transfo
Try something like:

transformPoints <root> <case> -scale "(1e-3 1e-3 1e-3)"



hansjoerg March 12, 2009 04:20

Hello! I'd like to create a s
I'd like to create a simple but HUGE(~500^3) block structured mesh from voxel tomography data.
(file of binary values 0,1, cubic blocks)

I tried to create a blockmesh dict with a script but I run out of memory when using blockmesh.
Also the mesh finally has to be decomposed for multiple CPU.

Does anybody have a idea how i can handle this problem.


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