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naveen January 27, 2009 04:52

HI EVERYBODY i hav cre

i hav created a naca 0012 airfoil in gambit and i solved in i need to convert it into openfoam 1.4.1....i need how to import FROM fluentMeshTofoam of fluent 6.3 version ...

maddalena January 27, 2009 12:36

I am not sure to get what you
I am not sure to get what you mean, but fluentMeshToFoam meshfile.msh -case casename -scale scalecoeff works for me, with meshfile.msh generated for fluent 6.3. In any case, you can write fluentMeshToFoam -help at your command line.
Hope this help.

naveen February 2, 2009 06:59

Gijsbert Wierink sir my pro
Gijsbert Wierink sir

my problem is that i hav done the naca 0012 airfoil case in gambit and i solved in fluent 6.3 i want to compare these results in openfoam i need to import to fluentMeshTofoam in openfoam 1.4.1...can u tell me the procedure how to import the (.msh) file to openfoam 1.4.1..for example i used this format for conversion(my case name is-naca0012.msh) fluentMeshToFoam . naca0012 ./naca0012/naca0012.msh -scale 0.001 but the case is not running in foamX....PLEASE HELP ME REGARDING THIS..

Sofia July 7, 2010 04:27


I calculating the flow around a naca 0015 airfoil in the water but I don't know why my simulation is not correct when I choose k=0.1 and epsilon=30 (k epsilon model)
Have you got an idea?

Thank you


sebware July 8, 2010 04:46

Hey naveen

1. You copy the fluent meshfile *.msh to the directory of your case.
2. You switch to this directory in your terminal.
3. You run fluentMeshToFoam naca0012.msh
4. run checkMesh to find proplems in the Mesh.

I dont know if in OF 1.4 you have the fluent3DMeshToFoam.
But if you have it, use this one instead of fluentMeshToFoam, I like it.

i hope it helps !

best regards

darioth August 18, 2010 00:07


Does anybody tried first with potentialFoam and comment me the correct results in NACA0015 airfoil??


darioth August 18, 2010 00:10


One question: Did you tried with potentialFoam in de NACA0015 first?


jms April 14, 2011 11:03

running a sharp NACA with OpenFOAM
Dear all,

I have run computations for a NACA with a sharp trailing edge (the original one...) using Low-Re meshes and I get high aspect ratio issues (the max AR is about 30000). I run it anyways and I get divergence. Since this airfoil needs a C-mesh, it is inevitable to get this high aspect ratios in the cells of the wake...

Any idea about how to deal with this? (using meshes with low y+ still...)?

Best Regards,


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