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quartzian September 26, 2008 06:27

Hi, please help. i am get

please help. i am getting this error message:




Create time

Finished lexing
Gambit file format does not provide information about the type of the patch (eg. wall, symmetry plane, cyclic etc).
All the patches have been created as type patch. Please reset after mesh conversion as necessary.

Default patch type set to empty
--> FOAM Warning :
From function boundBox::boundBox(const pointField& points)
in file meshes/boundBox/boundBox.C at line 52
Cannot find bounding box for zero sized pointField, returning zero
Writing polyMesh


kati September 29, 2008 18:29

Hi Kumar, If I remember cor
Hi Kumar,

If I remember correctly, this warning is nothing to worry about. Try running checkMesh, and if it gives no errors your mesh is fine.


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