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ryan_m April 14, 2008 05:35

Hi, I am using OpenFOAM to

I am using OpenFOAM to calculate drag and moment coefficients for an entire aircraft. I am using Gambit for the mesh creation and use fluentMeshToFoam to convert the .msh file. I have had success solving 3D airfoils. However, I have run into a problem when trying to convert an entire aircraft mesh. It has around 40 million cells, and I am wondering if there is a cell limit for OpenFOAM or the fluentMeshToFoam command? I have successfully solved a smaller aircraft with 17 million cells. I have ensured there are no internal walls left undefined in Gambit.

Thanks very much for any help.


hjasak April 14, 2008 05:47

The first limit you will hit i
The first limit you will hit is with the integer size (in Gambit, I would guess). You are safe up to approx 768 million cells; for larger meshes, there may be trouble.



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