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bewuethr August 22, 2007 05:37

Hi all, I tried to convert
Hi all,

I tried to convert a Gambit .neu mesh using gambitToFoam, which worked fine, but I ended up with only one single boundary patch. Is there something obivous I have overlooked, or what do I have to do to get the boundary dictionary right?

Cheers, Benjamin

cedric_duprat August 22, 2007 06:01

Hi Benjamin, can you explain
Hi Benjamin,
can you explain what you did with gambit, cause I used also gambitToFoam with more than one boundary patch successfully.

check that your solver is Generic, and that all your boundaryPatch are defined as ELEMENT_SIDE (you can change them later on FoamX).

hope it helps,



bewuethr August 22, 2007 10:19

Hi Cedric, thank you for yo
Hi Cedric,

thank you for your quick answer.

I actually import the mesh from CFD-GEOM into gambit. I now realised that the boundary patches were already gone after importing to gambit and changed that, but now I get this error when executing gambitToFoam:


Trying to specify a boundary face 4(4891 3297 3 3245) on the face on cell 3895 which is either an internal face or already belongs to some other patch. This is face 5764 of patch 2 named Symmetry_face1.#0
I suspect that now it's a simple matter of having selected the wrong faces, I'll double-check that.

Cheers, Benjamin

bewuethr August 22, 2007 10:30 now :-) Thanks again! now :-) Thanks again!

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