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egp November 26, 2006 16:22

I generated a hex grid for a f
I generated a hex grid for a free-surface-piercing NACA 0024 using Gridgen from Pointwise, Inc. It is a simple c-type grid with clustering near the wall (for wall fxn) and near the waterplane. However, when I try to convert it, it simply hangs and does not report an error. Any suggestions on how to debug this?

Here is the output:

Exec : fluentMeshToFoam . SPNACA SPNACA/spnaca24_sublayer.cas
Date : Nov 26 2006
Time : 15:19:30
Host :
PID : 4877
Root : /scratch/egp11
Nprocs : 1
Create time

Reading header: "exported from Gridgen 15.09R3"
Dimension of grid: 3
Number of points: 345321
number of faces: 1005100
Number of cells: 330000
Reading points
Reading uniform cells
Reading zone data
Embedded blocks in comment or unknown
Found end of section in unknown
,Reading uniform faces


dimension of grid: 3
Creating shapes for 3-D cells
----------this is where it hangs---------------


Eric Paterson

egp November 26, 2006 16:40

By the way, my Fluent case fil
By the way, my Fluent case file was written as ASCII, and I deleted the DOS control characters using dos2unix (unfortunately, my desktop machine is a Dell).

hjasak November 26, 2006 17:08

This is a strange place for th
This is a strange place for the converter to hang: you have successfully finished lexing. Can I have a look at this file if it's not confidential?


egp November 26, 2006 18:07

Hrv, You can download the f

You can download the file from:

It is the only file there. Also, I mistyped my original email. This grid was designed for sublayer resolution.


hjasak November 27, 2006 05:55

I get a nice core dump over he
I get a nice core dump over here:

--> FOAM FATAL ERROR : index 6 out of range 0 ... 5

It turns out that the cell number 182, defined as a hex, has got 7 (at least 7?) faces, which is wrong. The offending face index is 976015.

My guess is that you have defined a face of cell 182 to belong to two boundary patches at the same time. As usual, nothing wrong with my converter.


egp November 27, 2006 07:28

Thanks for the debug, Hrv. I'
Thanks for the debug, Hrv. I'll double-check, but this would be impossible to explicitly do when using GridGen. Maybe there is a bug with the Gridgen -> Fluent converter, although I've not run into one before. I'll post back when I find the error.

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