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fra76 May 9, 2006 08:49

Hi! I have a mesh made with t
I have a mesh made with tgrid (a .msh file), with a lot of interior faces that are walls and a boundary layer over some surfaces.
I've successfully splitted interior surfaces with splitMeshWithSets by Bernhard Gschaider.
I've a problem with the side of the prismatic boundary layer.
In fluent, the same mesh is solved defining a "Grid interface" between the patch with rectangles of the boundary layer extrusion (prism-side-8) and a patch containing a triangular remeshing of the same surface (prism-side-8-retri-31), mad in order to have a fulle tetrahedric mesh of the volume.

I.e., I have two coinciding patches with different surface meshes.
Is it possible to threat such a situation?

I've read in the user guide, in the section related to fluentMeshToFoam: "There is currently no support for embedded interfaces and refinement trees.". I'm afraid this is a "No" to my question, but I hope I'm wrong...


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