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dmoroian November 24, 2005 16:35

Hi, I have a mesh containing h
Hi, I have a mesh containing hexahedral cells. The mesh is available on the net in patran format at: patran format
I used Gambit to convert this mesh into neutral format and fluent msh format. Both are easy to use in fluent.
The problem is when I tried to import this mesh in openfoam. First, I used gambitToFoam to convert the neutral file to openfoam format. The file was imported but with some errors. Then I converted the fluent msh to openfoam using fluentMeshToFoam. It imports but also with errors.
I checked that at least the coordinates in "points" file are the same with those in the neutral file. Though, you can see below the difference:
Is it something I can do to properly import this mesh?
I also imported the neutral file in starcd and than export it as vrt/cel/bnd files. Then I imported this files in foam using starToFoam and the result was unsatisfactory too.
Maybe it worths to mention that I converted the mesh with fluent to ideas universal format and then I tried to convert it to openfoam using ideasToFoam but it did not recognized the unv format file.

Any hints will be appreciated!

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