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ishimotoj July 25, 2005 12:55

When I converted the Fluent me
When I converted the Fluent mesh to the Foam mesh by using fluentMeshToFoam, the origin (0, 0, 0) moves different point.
Also the numbers of vertices are re-numbered and the order of the all vertices has been changed.
I want to know:
1. How to fix origin (0 0 0) while converting to the Foam mesh?
2. Why the reference pressure (pRefCell) should be set to the close point to origin?
I think that it is not necessary to place the pRefCell near the origin.
Does anyone know the countermeasure for these problems?

mattijs July 25, 2005 14:11

1. Is this a 2D mesh? It will
1. Is this a 2D mesh? It will offset points (OpenFOAM meshes are 3D)

In 3D points are read in order from the fluent file.

2. No need to set it close to the origin. Any cell is fine.

ishimotoj July 26, 2005 07:01

I created the Fluent mesh as s
I created the Fluent mesh as same as:
There is 1-mesh thickness in the z-direction (3D).
I think this mesh is the most simple mesh, however, the origin (0 0 0) has been moved another point while the fluentMeshToFoam operation.

henry July 26, 2005 07:45

Yes the points are renumbered
Yes the points are renumbered during the 1 cell layer extrusion process. If you are unhappy with this renumbering you can change fluentMeshToFoam to store the previous ordering are reapply it after the mesh conversion process but you will also have to decide how you would like the extruded points numbered.

siefdi May 20, 2013 04:53

Moving Origin
Hi Everyone!

This is an old thread but I have somehow a quite similar problem and hope someone could give me direction.

What I should do if I want to convert fluent mesh to openfoam format using fluent3DMeshToFoam AND move the origin from (0 0 0) to (0 0 -30).
Is it possible to do that?

- it is a 3D geometry model
- I have no access to the ansys software originaly made that particular fluent mesh
- the change of origin point(0 0 0) somehow is important in my case

Any suggestion would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advances,
warm regards,

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