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gschaider May 12, 2005 09:06

Hi! I had to convert some "

I had to convert some "historical" meshes in the "Gambit Neutral File Format". I've written a converter for those.

I think the general use for that is limited, because if you have Gambit you can write the meshes in the Fluent-Format for which a perfectly good converter already exists. In my case the meshes wre generated by a different program, so I didn't have that option.

Anyway. If there is any need for such a converter, I am happy to share it.

One disclaimer: the meshs I worked with are pure hex meshes. The other cell types (Tet, Pyramids and Wedges) are converted too, they look OK in paraview, but I never did any calculations with them.

gschaider May 12, 2005 12:13

Please forget the previous pos
Please forget the previous posting in this thread (forget the whole thread).

Mattijs pointed out to me that this kind of mesh is already converted by the gambitToFoam-utility.

This should teach me to to research more thoroughly before writing something anew and even more thoroughly before posting on the Message Board.

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