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Kaushik Balakrishnan (Balakrishnan) February 17, 2005 19:15

I have 2 questions: I trie
I have 2 questions:

I tried to import a 2D mesh from gambit to Foam. However, Foam is not able to read it. Is there a way to make Foam read a 2D mesh from gambit and automatically generate a third dimention with one block in that direction? If that's not possible, do I always need to generate a 3D mesh in gambit (with one block in the z-direction) before importing to Foam?

Secondly, after importing a mesh to Foam, can I make minor changes in the mesh or geometry (in Foam), or do I need to make the chane in gambit and re-import into Foam?


Hrvoje Jasak (Hjasak) February 17, 2005 19:25

Not from gambit, but it's eas
Not from gambit, but it's easy. Export it as a 2-D fluent mesh and then use fluentMeshToFoam - that one will take a 2-D mesh and extrude it in the third direction. Don't forget to write tge mesh in ascii format.



galindolopez March 8, 2005 11:45

Sorry to retrieve this thread
Sorry to retrieve this thread again...
Does OpenFoam only convert mesh from Fluent?
Is it possible to import a mesh constructed with ICEM?
Another question: can OpenFoam deal with rotating frames and convective heat transfer at the same time? (thinking of cooling of rotating parts)



hjasak March 8, 2005 12:13

Well, the idea is that most co
Well, the idea is that most commercial meshers have got at least one of the "popular" mesh file formats and that foam should be able to grab the mesh through that format. I bet you could export an Icem mesh in either the Star or Fluent format and start from that.

It would be much nicer and more flexible for the meshers to work with an unstructured polyhedral format supported by foam, but I'm afraid we may have to wait for a while... In the meantime, use the above idea.

As for the second question, there is no top-level solver out-of-box that will solver your problem. However, the idea of Foam is to allow you to put together your own solver - please have a go! :-)



aap April 21, 2005 08:42

Hi! Is it possible to import
Is it possible to import a mesh constructed by FEMLAB?
Thanks a lot

mattijs April 21, 2005 13:42

What export formats does femla
What export formats does femlab support? Maybe there are ones (e.g. fluent) that OpenFOAM has a converter for. All the converters are in utilities/mesh/conversion.

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