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BANNARI (Bannari) March 3, 2005 08:23

I'm glad that the forum works
I'm glad that the forum works again.
I have two questions:

1- in the cavity example of icoFoam, I have success to convert the 'foam mesh' to 'cavity.msh', but, when I use foamDataToFluent to convert 'results obtained by Foam' to Fluent (to use Fluent as a post-processing), it took just the first time step in the convertion. I want to know how can I convert all timesteps to 'file.dat'?

2-trying to reconverts the file mesh converted before (as explained in first question) to 'foam mesh' by using fluentMeshToFoam command I obtained a Segmentation fault as error messaged .
why i have this error.(ps. the files points, cells.. remain empty)?

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