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rengu December 18, 2007 05:26

hi, i try to use mesh done

i try to use mesh done with starcd at ccm format
this mesh work in starcd and have done results

i try to use it with openfoam but i have got a lot of mistakes

Checking topology...
Boundary definition OK.
Point usage OK.

***Faces not in upper triangular order.
<<Writing 1 unordered faces to set upperTriangularFace

Topological cell zip-up check OK.
Face vertices OK.

***Number of duplicate (not baffle) faces found: 3
***Number of faces with non-consecutive shared points: 15
<<Writing 34 faces with incorrect edges to set edgeFaces

Number of regions: 1 (OK).

hecking geometry...
Domain bounding box: (-0.15556 -0.155535 -0.208931) (0.155567 0.155559 0.0878565)
Boundary openness (2.70101e-17 1.69899e-15 -9.76175e-16) OK.
Max cell openness = 3.00293e-16 OK.
Max aspect ratio = 113.781 OK.
Minumum face area = 1.17018e-10. Maximum face area = 3.77982e-05. Face area magnitudes OK.
Min volume = 6.32778e-15. Max volume = 2.91443e-07. Total volume = 0.0121013. Cell volumes OK.

Mesh non-orthogonality Max: 120.41 average: 15.7579
*Number of severely non-orthogonal faces: 6399.

***Number of non-orthogonality errors: 8.
<<Writing 6407 non-orthogonal faces to set nonOrthoFaces

***Error in face pyramids: 104 faces are incorrectly oriented.
<<Writing 103 faces with incorrect orientation to set wrongOrientedFaces

***Max skewness = 41.9298, 194 highly skew faces detected which may impair the quality of the results
<<Writing 194 skew faces to set skewFaces

Min/max edge length = 1.28144e-06 0.00530942 OK.

*There are 8354 faces with concave angles between consecutive edges. Max concave angle = 89.9293 degrees.
<<Writing 8354 faces with concave angles to set concaveFaces

Face flatness (1 = flat, 0 = butterfly) : average = 0.990754 min = 0.0140377
*There are 2291 faces with ratio between projected and actual area < 0.8
Minimum ratio (minimum flatness, maximum warpage) = 0.0140377
<<Writing 2291 warped faces to set warpedFaces

Failed 5 mesh checks.

how is it possible to have a skewness of 41.92 and a max non-orthogonality of 120?

are there some mistakes that don't prevent the computation?

is it possible to correct some mistakes with openFoam?

is there a starcd format which is better for conversion?

best regards

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