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philippose January 5, 2007 15:46

Hello, I got hold of a tria
I got hold of a trial license of Harpoon in the beginning of December last year, which runs out in a week from now, but unfortunately, I havent been able to run any significant simulations using meshes created using the software yet.

Basically, I installed Harpoon 2.4c on Linux and Windows machines. In the Linux version, there seems to be a problem with the mesh export functionality (not just the OpenFOAM export).

Once a mesh has been created, when I export it directly into the openFOAM format, there is an error in the "faces" file. The number of faces declared by the number at the top of the list does not match with the actual number of faces written (the actual face list is shorter than the declared number). I tried the Fluent export, but there seems to be some problem with the data written out, which is again related to the number of faces.

I saw this only in the Linux version of Harpoon. The exports works out fine in the Windows version.

The other problem was within Harpoon itself. After a meshing operation, I need to create patches... so I separate the surface generated into multiple surfaces using the "separate by feature" option. The splitting works out fine, but when I try to recombine surfaces, the system crashes (in Linux and Windows).

I found that this can be solved by first splitting the geometry by feature before meshing, and then recombining the surfaces after meshing... but in this case, the system crashes while exporting the mesh.

Has anyone else had such problems? And if so, any workarounds I can try out?

Have a nice day!


jackdaniels83 June 28, 2007 07:36

Yes i had the same problems wi
Yes i had the same problems with the written data. I contacted the support and told them. They answered to install the newest version (2.5.(b)), i did so and it works fine now.


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