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renyun0511 August 27, 2009 05:07

How To Use OpenFOAM Software To Calculate Pump?
hi all,
i have installed the OpenFOAM software(1.5 version),and i exported a grid file of pump in gambit,saved as .msh.
the problem puzzled me is that:i don't know how to import the .msh file to OpenFOAM? Which solver do i choose?
would someone help me ? i am a new one to study OpenFOAM.
thanks s lot!

hjasak August 28, 2009 05:15

Try running fluentMeshToFoam - that will convert the mesh for you. You also need to decide what kind of physics you wish to solve and how to set up the boundary conditions etc.

Good luck,


renyun0511 August 30, 2009 21:49

Thank you very much! In fact,i used Fluent to calculate the pressure of the inlet and outlet of pump.But now,i try to use another software to do the same,before i import the .msh file to OpenFOAM,i know the kind of physics i wish to solve and the boundary conditions .but i don't know how to input the information in approriate solver file. i try to use MRFSimpleFoam solver to calculate.i just input the .msh file and display it in paraFoam.i don't know how to modify the files which are under the MRFSimpleFoam solver file?

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