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renyun0511 August 27, 2009 05:34

How To Use OpenFOAM Software To Calculate Pump?
hi all,
i am a new OpenFOAM user, several days ago ,i installed the OpenFOAM software(1.5 version) .now,i try to simulate internal flow filed of a pump by OpenFOAM,the problem puzzled me is that : i don't know how to use the sofeware?
first,i built the geometry in PRO/E.
then, i meshed it in Gambit,and exported the mesh to an .msh file.
the first problem is that i don't know which solver do i choose? and then how to operate it?
could someone help me? thanks a lot!

linnemann August 28, 2009 02:51

First thing to do would be to read the manual.

When that is done look at some of the tutorials (there are a lot).

If that doesn't help you look at

The solver choice depends solely on what kind of physical problem you are solving. For steady flow in a pump I would look at simpleFoam or MRFsimpleFoam, use the search function to find info.

If you are new to CFD I suggest you buy and read:

The following which is free, although aimed at marine it has some very good guidelines when using CFD.

Best Regards

renyun0511 August 28, 2009 03:59

I did the .msh file in fluent,now,i'm try to do it in OpenFOAM.I don't know how to do in it?for example,how to set the parameter of inlet velocity and rotatioan rate?which values will be setted and which elements can be ingnored? which puzzled me a lot!
thanks all the same!

yingfeng August 28, 2009 14:13


It is good idea to through the tutorial case first. In general you probably need to do the following:

1. import mesh into OpenFOAM. If the boundary conditions are lost, use autoPatch to find the patches. After that, paraFoam can show you which patch is where. checkMesh is a good tool to evaluate your mesh.

2. look at the case folder, 0/ folder is where you set boundary condition for each field, for example, U and p. The best way currently is to manually edit boundary condition for each patch; system/ folder is where you choose the schemes and solver parameters. constant/ folder is where you set physical properties.

3. run your solver. You can always monitor your result with paraFoam

Good luck!

renyun0511 August 30, 2009 22:50

Thank you very much! now,i try to use MRFSimpleFoam solver,when i open the mixerVessel2D/ foders,i just see the rotor,the stator,the back and the front,i know they are not what i want ,but i don't know how to modify them.I'm not understand the information in these folder

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