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mulfal May 1, 2010 07:39

Porous Jump creation problem
Hi, I have been trying to create a porous media (either in 2d or 3d such as cylinder geometry within other rectangular geometry) using gambit meshing to be used either by fluent or by OpenFoam. The problem is that fluent is unable to read the mesh I have created using gambit. the error message is as follows:
"Cannot change porouscylinder to porous-jump because there is only one adjacent cell thread" and the warning is "inapproperiate zone type (jump) for one sided face zone".

The porous media which have been trying to create was porouscylinder and during the boundary condition setting time, I have chosen porous Jump for the porous cylinder.

Therefore; I would be very grateful if any one can help me solving the error message or any information on creating Porous Jump or Porous Zones geometry within another geometry?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Mule December 19, 2011 08:05

i think you should create suitable geometry. that means there should be only one face (one line) in 3d simulation(2 simulation) to apply a pros jump boundary condition between 2 zones.

Akim679 March 18, 2012 11:48

Prous jump

I am having similar problems with specifying a certain part of the geometry as a "porous jump" boundary condition. In GAMBIT a select Boundary type as "Porous Jump" however, when I import my mesh in FLUENT I receive an error stating that: "Cannot change porous to porous-jump because
there is only one adjacent cell thread". I am not sure what that means can anyone please help me with this case.


Leram March 6, 2013 10:10

Porous Jump in Gambit
I am modelling a tube through which mixture of air and water passes and there is an air permeable membrane around the internal wall of the tube which is permeable to air only. I should model this as VOF in Fluent.

First, I need to set this wall boundary as Porous Jump in Gambit. I did the following steps in Gambit and when importing the mesh into Fluent, I got the same Error Message as you got: "Cannot change porous to porous-jump because there is only one adjacent cell thread".

1) created a cylinder as volume
2) meshed it
3) set the boundaries as inflow, outflow, and porous jump (for the volume)
4) set the fluid zone
5) export the mesh to Fluent

I was wondering if you could get rid of this Error Messsage and how?

Or if any body else can help me model this case, it is much appriciated!


ilyas_mufeen03 December 9, 2013 12:59

Porous jump error at Grid Checking
Hi every one,

I had getting error in pororus jump error

:confused:Checking boundary types:
:confused:Error: jump zone 7 has wrong types of cell zones (cell and cell).

Grid Check

Domain Extents:
x-coordinate: min (m) = -2.700000e-002, max (m) = 2.700000e-002
y-coordinate: min (m) = -5.000000e-002, max (m) = 0.000000e+000
z-coordinate: min (m) = -1.145500e-002, max (m) = 9.500000e-003
Volume statistics:
minimum volume (m3): 4.888121e-013
maximum volume (m3): 2.495954e-008
total volume (m3): 5.245581e-005
Face area statistics:
minimum face area (m2): 5.570490e-009
maximum face area (m2): 1.835638e-005
Checking number of nodes per cell.
Checking number of faces per cell.
Checking thread pointers.
Checking number of cells per face.
Checking face cells.
Checking bridge faces.
Checking right-handed cells.
Checking face handedness.
Checking face node order.
Checking element type consistency.
Checking boundary types:
Error: jump zone 7 has wrong types of cell zones (cell and cell).

Error: jump zone 10 has wrong types of cell zones (cell and cell).

Checking face pairs.
Checking periodic boundaries.
Checking node count.
Checking nosolve cell count.
Checking nosolve face count.
Checking face children.
Checking cell children.
Checking storage.

Zone & is comng under in My PEMFC as Inter of anode CC in boundary conditions type as porous jump

I dont know how to rectify it...

Help me solve this.....


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