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kiran October 30, 2010 11:14

problem in converting mesh from fluent
Hi Foamers please help me out

i am converting fluent.msh to OF 1.6.
by command fluentMeshtoFoam -scale 0.001
then its extruding 8.9 mm in z direction.

so how could i convert this 8.9 mm to 1 mm thickness.

plese help me out.

Ambilpur Kiran

chegdan November 2, 2010 17:25

is this a 2 or 3d mesh?
More info about your problem would be helpful. if this a 2D mesh or a 3D mesh? if it is a 2D mesh then OF adds another dimension that you can set the front and back of the mesh as an empty boundary condition. without more info I can't help.


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