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joegi.geo February 22, 2011 11:05

checkmesh => Open cells found, max cell openness

I wonder what is the meaning of the following message:

***Open cells found, max cell openness: 0.0218725, number of open cells 1830
<<Writing 1830 non closed cells to set nonClosedCells

I am getting this message on a polyhedral mesh, which btw works fine on fluent. What can I do to fix this error?



Rebecca513 June 3, 2012 17:35

Hi Joel,

I got the same problem as well. Have you solved yours? If so, could you give me some directions?

Thank you very much.



joegi.geo June 4, 2012 09:17


Well, so far I haven't figure out what is the problem. For simple polyhedral meshes it works fine, but when I use complex geometries it always gives me this problem. So I decided not to use polyhedral meshes on complex geometries, and honestly speaking I don't use polyhedral meshes I just was testing OpenFOAM ability to handle them.


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