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jiejie April 5, 2011 02:12

icem fluent mesh with cyclic boundary condition
Dear all

I am currently having a problem about my icem fluent mesh. I tried to run a 3d simulation of flow past a cylinder with cyclic boundary condition on the front and back surfaces. However, OpenFOAM always complains face matching problem of the patches with cyclic boundary condition.

Create time

Create polyMesh for time = 0

face 0 area does not match neighbour 4 by 71.4286% -- possible face ordering problem.
patch:FB my area:2.96875 neighbour area:1.40625 matching tolerance:0.001
Mesh face:104 vertices:4((0 -1.75 1) (0 -3 1) (3 -3 1) (1.75 -1.75 1))
Neighbour face:108 vertices:4((-0.5 -0.5 0) (0 -0.5 0) (0 -1.75 0) (-1.75 -1.75 0))
Rerun with cyclic debug flag set for more information.

From function cyclicPolyPatch::calcTransforms()
in file meshes/polyMesh/polyPatches/constraint/cyclic/cyclicPolyPatch.C at line 180.

FOAM exiting

It looks like there is a face ordering problem.

I have group the front and back faces in the same group. Furthermore, I extrude my 3d mesh from a 2d mesh to avoid conformal surface problem. However, there is no such problem with wall boundary for the fron and back surfaces.

Does anyone know a solution to the problem? or any other hex mesh tool I can use other than ICEM?

Thanks a lot.

jiejie April 5, 2011 03:36

Problem is solved by creating cyclic patch group using createPatch.

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