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kallakalla January 4, 2012 21:23

Fluent3DMeshToFoam - "The flipMap issue"
Hi there,

I've converted a .msh mesh with fluent3DmeshToFoam command.
As the original mesh had some internal labeled faces and some different volume zones (solid and fluid in my case), after converting I got in my constant/polyMesh folder a cellZones file with 2 different zones as expected and this faceZones file (I'll post just the part I need):

type faceZone;
faceLabels List<label> 9(3 7 10 19 23 26 34 37 39);
flipMap List<bool> 9{1};

I read on the forums that a flipMap=1 indicates that the point orders in the faces is wrong and they need to be flipped, even if checkMesh doesn't show any hint about wrong orientation. So here's my question: does OF automatically work on it during calculations or is it necessary to manually use flip() or something similar to make it work properly?

Thanks in advance

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