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sivakumar April 12, 2012 05:29

converting fluent mesh to OpenFOAM
Hi there,
I am not new to openFOAM, but I used OF 3 years ago, now I am doing a project in OF.
my question is very simple.
I have created mesh in fluent (.msh), now I need to convert in to OF.
my question is,
1) what are the folders and files should be in my case folder?

I have done something as follows,
* created case folder called Test
* copied 0 constant and system folders in to my case folder
* copied my .msh file in to Test/constant/polyMesh$
* I tried Test/constant/polyMesh$ fluentMeshToFoam fluent.msh
I am getting fatal error

can any one help me to over come this issue
please give me the steps, which i should follow


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wyldckat April 12, 2012 05:50

Greetings sivakumar,

When in doubt:
  1. Check tutorials that OpenFOAM has:

    find $FOAM_TUTORIALS -name "*.msh"
  2. Or ask help directly :D:

    fluentMeshToFoam -help

In your case:
  1. cd to Test
  2. Code:

    fluentMeshToFoam constant/polyMesh/fluent.msh
In some cases, use fluent3DMeshToFoam instead.

Best regards,

sivakumar April 12, 2012 06:20

Thank you Bruno,
Its working, but the mesh has some problem in the periodic condition.

Thanks for you quick reply,


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