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mihaipruna June 21, 2012 15:57

stl file with internal faces
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Hello fellow Foamists!

You have been most helpful so far. I really like this forum.
Let's say I have an STL file with two pipes that are modeled as cylinders, and they can be intersecting or abutting. Please see attached image.
I would like to model internal flow through the pipe. I have the outlet and inlet defined as the big circle and the small circle on the other side.
SnappyHexMesh meshes only one of the cylinders.
Is there a way to make it mesh inside the entire outer surface and ignore internal faces?
Probably too much to ask, eh ? :)
I currently don't have a way to remove the offending faces from the STL file.

wyldckat June 21, 2012 17:14

Hi Mihai,

Check the tutorial "mesh/snappyHexMesh/snappyMultiRegionHeater". But keep in mind that this means that you'll have multiple regions in you mesh!

Some examples on this subject:
But keep in mind: this does not get rid of the internal walls! To get rid of internal walls and merge all of the regions... I'm not certain how to do this. Perhaps the second post might help you with this, since I vaguely remember about removing an excess region...

Best regards,

mihaipruna June 21, 2012 20:49

Thanks Bruno, I will check those out. I figured getting rid of the patches would be the main issue...

kalyangoparaju July 24, 2012 13:32


were you able to successfully mesh this geometry? how did you go about it?


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