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staustrahltriebwerk July 19, 2012 07:55

Meshing a small gap between walls
Hi there.

I'm trying to mesh a small gap between two walls. To give you an idea about the order of magnitude: The walls are 1e-3 meters thick each. The gap between them is about 1e-5 meters.

What is the best strategy to mesh this gap?

I tried to define a refinement Region around the gap and mesh it with a refinement Level of 8. But this doesnt worked. The mesh after snappyhexMesh looked as if there was no gap, so snappyHexMesh doesnt regonized the gap.
My next Idea would be to make the gap wider, but this isnt a good solution because my real geometry has this small gap.

Regards, Thomas

rcastilla July 23, 2012 11:46

Hi, Thomas,

a far as I konw, you have to define the refinement by surface, not bay region. If you have an STL defining your walls, you have to say SHM to refine around this surface:

// Surface-wise min and max refinement level
level (5 5);

the first number in level is the refinement around a face. The second it in the interesection of two or more faces.

I hope it will help you. Regards


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