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A.Wendy August 22, 2012 03:21

SNappyHexMEsh and GGI (standing mesh gets deleted)
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i have a problem with snappyHexMesh.

i am planing to use GGI to have a rotating Mesh (name: Rotating) and a standing Mesh (name: Umgebung) and created those with one blockMeshdict.

The Surfaces which are in "contact" are: Innenflaeche (from the Standing mesh "Umgebung") and Aussenflache (from the rotating Mesh "Rotating")

When i Run SHM to include a Profile into the Rotating surface my Standing surface gets deleted.

Why is that so? How can i say, that the standing surface should not deleted? Or do i have to use the same Block in BlockMesh for the GGI? I used different blocks for the standing and rotating mesh.

with Regards


strakakl August 2, 2013 07:04

Hi Andy,

i face the same problem, have you found a solution for this issue?



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