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Tobi September 25, 2012 05:31

complex camber and bounding epsilon
Hi all,

i am meshing a very complex combustion chamber with sHM. The normal chamber is working very fine and the solution seems very good. After I added some nozzles in a different angle, I get bouding epsilon or omega all the time. For that nozzles I refined my mesh on that places and I am getting very small y+ values like "0.001".

The problem are some cells in that nozzle which impair my calculation. If I have a look at the y+ values on the surface I see the the small little cells (like wedges, pyramids).

For that reason I am searching to improve my mesh quality there. I tried several cases:

- refine these regions more
- layer generation (not good quality)
- change background mesh
- play with several sHM parameters

The resolution of the output mesh pass checkMesh all the time. There are no errors but the solution is the same. Its not working - bounding bounding bounding.

After meshing with only tets - everything is working fine. I had a look at the y+ values at the nozzles again and they are much better then befor. I think the problematic zone is that nozzle space.

Is there any way to prove my mesh there, to get more tets generated by snappy there or getting good layers in there?

Regards Tobi

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