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Nikunj.R October 1, 2012 14:46

Meshing geometry not visible in paraView.
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Hello All!

I am trying to learn sHM by meshing a cylinder opening into a rectangular box. i developed the stl file with the help of AutoCAD. The sHM is running w/o any errors. However, I am not able to see the appropriate meshing geometry inside the background mesh in paraView.

Attached with this post are my stl file, blockMeshDict, snappyHesMeshDict and a screen shot of the mesh for your reference. The skewed cell-mesh point that something is happening, but I cant see the required geometry.

I am aware that this issue has been raised and answered in previous posts; but the solutions provided there are not working in my case. Please help me with the same.

Thanks a lot.


Nikunj.R October 1, 2012 14:58

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stl file is attached with this post.

wyldckat October 1, 2012 17:34

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Greetings Nikunj,

Attached is an image that shows you:
  1. Your STL.
  2. The sphere from the Source menu and is located in your "locationInMesh (3.1 3.1 3.1)".
  3. The outer box (also made from the Source menu) is centered in (0 0 0) and has a length of 10 on all sides.
As you should deduce, the mesh you've gotten is the one on the outside of the cylinder ;)

Best regards,

Nikunj.R October 2, 2012 11:14

Thanks a lot for your reply Bruno!

the snapshot you provided looks fine. Is it the output of the files i provided, or did u modify them to get the output?

Please let me know what modification you made to it if you modified them. If not, then i believe i donno how to view it in paraview. Could you tell me how did u display "Drawing4.stl", "locationInMesh-sphere" and "blockMesh-box" in the peipeline browser tree.

Thanks a lot Bruno!


wyldckat October 2, 2012 15:45

  • The first one is the STL you provided.
  • The second one is create via menu -> Source -> Sphere -> define the XYZ as the position you have in location in Mesh.
  • The third one is create via menu -> Source -> Box -> Center 0,0,0 and Length 10,10,10

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