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Nucleophobe October 11, 2012 17:34

sHM - Layers Collapse on Inlets, Cannot set patches to empty in parallel
Hi all,

Edit: I am trying to prevent layers from collapsing at inlets and outlets as in

The method described in the above works normally, but I cannot get it to work in parallel. Any ideas?

I first run snappyHexMesh with the layering step turned off, then change the inlet/outlet patches from type 'wall' to type 'empty' in all 'boundary' files (processor*/2/polyMesh/boundary), then execute snappyHexMesh again with only the layering step turned on.

I received the following errors upon executing snappyHexMesh for the layering step:

[7] in patch:procBoundary7to3 : Local size of patch is 14286 (faces).
Received from neighbour 14297 faceCentres!
........ (more of the same)

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