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Chia November 28, 2012 12:30

addLayers in limited regions of geometry

I am dealing with a complex geometry and I need to add layers only in a particular region of this geometry.

First of all, I create the background mesh and I used the snappyHexMesh dictionary to model the geometry and to add layers everywhere, except that I obtained a mesh with too many cells.
Thus I am asking if someone knows hot to create a sub-region in the .stl file in order to recall it in the addLayersControl and add layers only there. Or can I add layers in a limited region in an other way?

In other words, I wonder to be in a situation like this:

file.stl //or file.obj (with right header) //STL file name
type triSurfaceMesh;
name my_file; // user-assigned name
regions // definition of regions of stl
subregion_1 // STL-defined patch name
name my_first_subregion; // user-assigned patch name
name my_second_subregion;

and the addLayersControls would be

nSurfaceLayers 4;

but unfortunately I don't know how to define these subregions in my stl file.

Thank you in advance,

Eloise January 10, 2013 05:15

Hi Chiara,
You can split your geometry in 2 different stl files, import them both in snappyHexMesh and insert layers on only one of them.
I hope that helps,

Chia January 10, 2013 05:33

Hi Eloise,

I have already split my geometry into two .stl file few weeks ago, exactly as you suggests, and it works very fine!

Thank you for the reply,


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