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st268 December 13, 2012 10:14

GIS profile/contour plot with snappyHexMesh
Hello all, I have recently started a project using OpenFoam. I have only used ANSYS before and have very little experience using the linux environment let alone OpenFoam.

I have access to OS data from digimaps for the site in either ASC, DXF, NTF, TIFF in either contour or digital terrain model format.

I need to generate a cube volume mesh from this. My first issue is that the data comes in 2km by 2km squares which I need to stitch together somehow to give me my 6km site required. I know I then need to apply a surface mesh to this, then create a volume mesh in snappyHexMesh that conforms to the surface. Do any of the openFoam meshing tools accept the above file types? I tried in ANSYS initially but had issues as the formats all seem to be for GIS and I failed miserably at getting a usable surface to begin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has had experience working from GIS data and could share their knowledge/point me in a different direction that would be great!

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