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vkrastev December 20, 2012 14:36

Extracting a subset of features
Hi all,
I am using snappyHexMesh for a quite simple external aerodynamics case (a simplified side mirror mounted on the floor of a wind tunnel) and my problem is about extracting a particular subset of feature edges. More in details, I was able to extract all the edges from the .stl geometry (the box edges as well as the mirror edges), by using:

surfaceFeatureExtract -includedAngle .....

However, actually I'm not interested in special refinement for the box edges, but only for the mirror edges, so I would like to extract only the mirror edges subset or to directly create only this set of edges. The issue is that with the includedAngle option I cannot reach the goal because it seems that always all the edges are extracted. I noticed that there is a -subsetBox option for surfaceFeatureExtract, but till now I wasn't able to let it work.
Any help about this would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance


vkrastev December 20, 2012 18:46

Problem solved, finally I got the proper usage of the -subsetBox and -deleteBox options. It is something like:

surfaceFeatureExtract -includedAngle 150 -subsetBox "(-0.1 -0.1 -0.3)(0.3 0.4 0.3)" ...

with the dotted part same as for the -includedAngle option alone.


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