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dkokron December 24, 2012 21:53

scotch error on motorbike on 16p

I received the following error from scotch-5.1.11 when running snappyHexMesh using 16 processors on the incompressible/pisoFoam/les/motorBike tutorial. The 8p case ran fine out-of-the-box.

"dgraphFoldComm: internal error (3)"

This error emanates from line 307 of ThirdParty-2.1.x/scotch_5.1.11/src/libscotch/dgraph_fold_comm.c

I reviewed the code from newer versions of scotch and found significant changes between 5.1.11 and 5.1.12 for this same file. I installed scotch-5.1.12b and sure enough, snappyHexMesh ran fine on 16p. I reran the 8p case to see if the new scotch changes the results significantly. The mesh started to diverge after a few iterations, but the final drag coefficients agreed within the first decimal place. Close enough for me.

I also tried the scotch-6.0.0 release, but snappyHexMesh failed at run time with an unresolved symbol.

Hope this helps.

wyldckat December 27, 2012 07:01

Greetings Dan and welcome to the forum!

Many thanks for sharing this information! Now I understand better why this bug report was made a year ago:

Hopefully in the next major release of OpenFOAM, they'll update the Scotch library version.

Best regards,

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