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francesco_capuano January 14, 2013 10:13

Round free jet using snappyHexMesh
Hi everybody,

I would like to create a grid using snappyHexMesh for simulation of a round free jet. Hence, I have no closed volumes inside the box (like, e.g. external aerodynamics), but the only round inlet orifice along one of the boundaries.

I have no confidence with snappyHexMesh so, before start reading about it, I would like to ask: is it possible to do that? :D

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

vatavuk January 15, 2013 05:55

Hi Francesco,
To use snappyHexMesh you must have an initial mesh that can be created by blockMesh or another application. Snappy allows you to insert an object, described by a stl file, inside the mesh. Given the object, you can create the mesh outside the object or inside the object. Since you don't have an object inside your mesh, and you are not creating a complex region inside an object, there seems to be no use for snappyHexMesh in your problem.

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