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sandy13 March 13, 2013 10:22

snappyHexMesh utility for a liquid jet
Dear Foamer with snappyHexMesh utility,
I am new in OpenFOAM, can any body please direct me.
I am trying to simulate a liquid jet from a circular orifice in side a cuboid in the z direction. I used bolckMesh to define the cuboid and I defined a cylinder at the top of this cuboid to get the circular shape then I ran my case which it stooped after several iteration, I checked the mesh and got an error. any how I want to use snappyhexmesh, I do not how to start, shall I get the geometry in stl or just I can define my box and my circular entrance patch (liquid with velocity) and my square exit patch (atmosphere), how to name this patches If I defined it inside snappy file or used the way I just know blender a little bid but I do not know how to name the patches in blender....

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