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pitpat231 April 24, 2013 11:00

HelyxOS Installation Problem
Gooday all, please i need some help. am a newbie in this. am trying to install HelyxOS in my 32bit system, and i get the following error afta running ./ in my ubuntu command line;

java -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:OnError="/home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/bin/" -jar /home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/lib/HelyxOS.jar HelyxOS 2>&1 | tee /home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/helyxEE.log
/home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/bin/launcher.conf: line 113: /home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/../jre/bin/java: cannot execute binary file
Exit code: 126
/home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/bin/ line 8: /home/patrick/OpenFOAM/patrick-2.0.1/run/HELY/Engys/HelyxOS/v1.0.1/../jre/bin/java: cannot execute binary file

please anyone with an idea how i should solve this error, kindly let me know. thanks alot

wyldckat May 3, 2013 14:15

Greetings Patrick,

Which Linux Distribution are you using?

And is there any chance that you can upgrade to OpenFOAM 2.1?

Best regards,

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