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sharonyue May 14, 2013 22:03

An extremely simple cube mesh made by snappy,failed.
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Hi guys,

Recently I found a simple problem in snappy that is it cannot get smooth edge on a cube in which edges are not parallel to the matter how I set the parameters.for example: in snap control. I even set it like this:

  //- Number of patch smoothing iterations before finding correspondence
    //  to surface
    nSmoothPatch 15;

    //- Relative distance for points to be attracted by surface feature point
    //  or edge. True distance is this factor times local
    //  maximum edge length.
    tolerance 4;

    //- Number of mesh displacement relaxation iterations.
    nSolveIter 400;

    //- Maximum number of snapping relaxation iterations. Should stop
    //  before upon reaching a correct mesh.
    nRelaxIter 5;
    nFeatureSnapIter 50;
    implicitFeatureSnap true;

but it didnot change anything.

but if the cube's edge is parallel with the x,y,z axis.snappy can get absolutely fine mesh on condition that DONT run snap part.if run the snap can get a smooth edge but which is not a cube.

Back to the cube's edge is not parallel to the axis.How can I get the fine mesh?

sharonyue May 14, 2013 22:25

Sorry guys, I figure it out. There is nothing in my emesh~.

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