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wersoe June 1, 2013 03:02

How to generate geometry - multi region stl, obj
Hi all,

after visiting the OF Users Conference in Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago, we would like to change our workflow (see below) to snappyHexMesh.
We mostly work on stirred reactors, so MRF is essential.
So far, we found a tutorial on how to add the MRF cellZone, this is working very good.

However, in general the workflow from CAD to snappy is undefined.
We usually use Autodesk Inventor (Campus License) to generate to mesh.
Until now, we did: export stp, import to OpenSalome, introduce zylinder, partition, export to gmsh, defining zones and boundaries, mesh, import to OF
This worlked quite well, with the problem of poor meshing (sometime) of gmsh.

What we want to do:
Find any software (hopefully open source) to export a stl/obj with multi regions, which can than be used by snappy
The aim is to have two regions (tank and mrf) and several different boundaries (tank wall, baffles wall, stirrer wall, surface of fluid, ?)

Is there anybody who can help us with creating these boundaries by snappy?

Thanks, Sören

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