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nandiganavishal July 8, 2013 11:36

solve a single domain problem
Dear Foamers,

I have mapped and meshed a user defined structure (generated as .stl file) inside my cylindrical geometry using SnappyHexMesh. I would like to know, if OpenFOAM describes the mapped geometry only as a boundary (or patch). Is it possible to define this structure as part of the internal domain. The reason I am asking this is because I would like to solve the following equation in the entire domain (both mapped geometry and the cylindrical domain)

fvm::laplacian(eps_r(r),Phi(r)) == rho (r)

where, eps_r is 80 when r != r_map (r is the mesh point location and r_map is the mesh point of the mapped structure)
eps_r = 2 when r == r_map

rho(r) = user defined input value depending on r

Hence, I would like to know if we can define the entire system (mapped structure + cylindrical geometry) as a single domain so as to solve the problem in a single domain.

Please let me know

Thanks for the help.


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