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kingmaker July 19, 2013 08:39

SnappyHexMesh -- Giving Up -- Reason

I am trying to mesh the geometry of a centrifugal blower. I am having trouble with snappy saying that it "cannot sap successfully .. Giving up". I could not figure out what is happening.

I read a lot of discussion about this problem in the thread ....
PHP Code: 

But could not solve my problem. I tried with the resolveFeatureAngle and changing the underlying blockmesh grading and number of cells ... but could not get a good mesh.

Also in the snappy hex mesh log I found that the given point is found in cell number -1 of the region 0 of 4 ...
Is it a problem I meant ... -1 cell ...??

But this is not the case in the beginning ... !! this cell number was a positive number in the beginning .. !! later it is -1 ... !!

Thanks in advance.

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