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samy902 July 23, 2013 07:08

SHM problem
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Hello everyone.

I am running a simulation with a two-building model. As you can see in the photo the mesh behind the frontal building is strange. I am quite a new OpenFOAM user and i can't seem to find the solution. You will find attached the SHMDict. Thank you in advance.

Note that i extracted the model from Google Sketch Up.

colinB July 24, 2013 03:23

Dear samy902,

I can't see anything strange in your mesh.
Maybe it helps if you describe what you expect to see.

However please be aware that paraview has troubles to display
hexaedra cells so you have those strange lines across the cells.

there is a work around for that as far as I remember, but I don't recall
it in particular, so I advise you to use the forum search and have a look
for it (try keywords: hexaedra display paraview)

I hope I could help you a little bit


aCFDuser July 24, 2013 08:09

Hi samy902,

if you check the "Use VTKPolyhedron" option (left panel), you remove the extra lines that Paraview generates when you cut a mesh.

Another way to visualize your mesh is for example by:
1.- clicking on "select cell through" button (upper menu)
2.- going to filters --> extract selection


samy902 July 24, 2013 16:51

Thank you both for your valuable advices.

With regards

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