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Hiroshiman July 31, 2013 11:33

weird results with featureEdges
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I am using snappyHexMesh and surfaceFeatureEdges extract to mesh a complex pipe with several intets/outlets. My goal is to have first, a good mesh and second, nice surface that can be detected with autoPatch to set up BCs.

Unfortunately, the mesh is quite ugly near the featureEdges as you can see on the pictures. I tried to play with the refinement parameters with no success.

Any idea on how to improve this ?

By the way, is there a way to use these featureEdges to locate BCs instead of using autoPatch ?

Attachment 23959Attachment 23961
Attachment 23960


Modifying de skewness parameters made everything work actually ; however, I'm still stuck with my BCs detection method. Even if I try to optimize the angle, the autoPatch still gives me unwanted results like this :

minCos :0.5735764

Assigned 1 faces to patch auto0

Assigned 892 faces to patch auto1

Assigned 1 faces to patch auto2

Assigned 1 faces to patch auto3

Assigned 69995 faces to patch auto4

Assigned 22 faces to patch auto5

Assigned 300 faces to patch auto6


Is there an alternative way to define the BCs location ?



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