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CapSizer August 11, 2013 15:41

Snappy and baffles / cyclic BC's
From the documents that I have read, since 2.2.0 one can use snappyHexMesh to create internal baffle surfaces or surfaces for cyclic boundary conditions directly. The documents say that:

level (0 0);
faceZone heater;

// Create baffles for all faces on the surface
faceType baffle;

cellZone heater;
cellZoneInside inside;

should work. However, in my case, I just have a single "disk" surface that I want to use for an actuator disk boundary condition - basically similar to the fan tutorial, using cyclic boundary conditions. My surface is not closed, therefore the cellZone statements have no meaning, and I have omitted them. I will deal with the fan pressure jump BC when I get to it, but right now snappy is simply not giving me the surface as a faceZone or boundary. Any advice from anybody who has done this?

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