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gelbebanane October 16, 2013 06:59

snappyHexMesh Tutorials, further information
Hi there,
I am new to CFD modelling and mesh generating. I am currently working on understanding snappyHexMesh and how it works.
Finally i managed to complete the "cavity" and "motorbike" tutorial. But now i want to get more information about sHM.

Is there any database where i can find more information about how to write a SHMDict and which parameter does what. I already read through the Users Guide but descriptions are not enough for a deeper understanding in how i have to configure sHM for own test cases etc.
Meanwhile i will expand my knowledge about OpenFoam configuration.


hope i could explan my point properly

Already read through:

Artur October 22, 2013 09:16

Hi Phil,

I'm afraid there is no "central" database of OpenFOAM resources. The ones you posted seem to be the ones most people would point you to I think. Similarly, there is no ideal snappyMeshDict for all cases. The way I do it is try to find a similar object or case in the tutorials and work from there (e.g. Wigley hull for ship hulls, propeller for propellers, etc.). Depending on what you're meshing, there is usually quite a lot of info in this forum specific to each kind of simulations and you can often go through other people's dictionaries which you might also find helpful.

Hope my answer was not too vague, good luck with your work.


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