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gooya_kabir October 26, 2013 10:34

.stl file scale!
Hi friends,

I have a .stl file which when I open it by paraview its scale is 100*100*100. It means that its scale is 100m*100m*100m ? and also can I change it to 1m*1m*1m ? because when I'm using snappy, I just can define a outer box in blockmMesh directory for my .stl file and I could not change the scale of my .stl file.

Many thanks

I found it :) here:

good luck

Alfalfa October 27, 2013 14:51

Just to add, blender has a really nice scaling tool, you simply import the *.stl in blender, press ''s'' and type the scaling factor (there is no window to type in, you just do it). just be really careful to not move the mouse while typing.

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