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suitup November 16, 2009 06:02

A few simple questions about SnappyHexMesh.
Hey guys I ve some simple questions about the handling of snappyhesmesh.

How can I define the position of a stl- file with snappyhexmesh in a blockMesh-Mesh (e.g. simple cube as atmosphere)?

And how can I assign the different boundaries of the stl-file in snappyhexmesh? Comparing to blockmesh for example there its quite easy just writing the boundarynames into the blockMeshDict, but I ve no clue about managing it in snappyhexmesh.

Regaring the chtmultiregion-example (snappymultiregionheater) there are a few different slt-files in the tri-surface (was an assembly), so how is it possible to import the whole assembly? Simply split the assembly in single components and then export each as stl-file and then define the possition or is there a function in to export the assembly in slt-files?

Best regards.

Axel_T December 19, 2009 15:30

coordinate system of stl-files

you have to setup the coordinate system in a CAD-programm and then save to stl.

The position of the stl-surface regarding to the coordinate system is just important when you setup your points for the blockMeshDict.
I always create a simple blockMesh of the right size and open it with paraFoam. Then I load the stl-file into the postprocessor and see its position relative to the blockMesh. With the ruler it is also possible to measure the offset between them. Then I change the points in my blockMeshDict and create the mesh again.

A bit more difficult is to get the right angle between blockMesh and stl. As I set the left wall of my blockMesh as a inlet, and I wantet it to be orthogonal to my stl.-surface, I had to modify the geometry with a CAD-program. That's more convinient than calculating the coordinates of the meshpoints to match the right angle.


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