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griztown November 17, 2009 15:01

snappyHexMesh error
Hi all,

I'm running snappyHexMesh to create a mesh around a body I have and I get the following error:

--> FOAM Warning :
From function treeBoundBox::treeBoundBox(const UList<point>&, const UList<label>&)
in file octree/treeBoundBox.C at line 157
cannot find bounding box for zero-sized pointFieldreturning zero

I'm having a hard time figuring out where this problem is coming from. Everything was working great with a similar geometry, but now with a new stl file, I'm getting this error. Any ideas on where I should be looking? The error comes up while determining initial surface intersections. Looking through the stl file and the block mesh, there shouldn't be any problems finding an intersection.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

bruce November 27, 2009 06:33

I doubt you have some bad tri's in stl surface. find out the bad tri's

I had the similar problem although not the same error message during "surface intersection" check.

alternatively , clean the stl file using OpenFoam tools, e.g surfaceClean,

look at this as well,

if your case is small then post it.


griztown November 30, 2009 12:38

Thanks for the help Bruce. Unfortunately I couldn't get surfaceClean to work, does it only work on binary stl files? Mine is in ASCII. It consistently tells me that it found 0 triangles and 0 vertices and I've tried varying the min length from 1e27 to 1e-27.

bruce December 2, 2009 23:49

Does your stl file is empty? surfaceClean works on ASCII file of couse.

We can not help you as long as you provide no information. upload a test stl file or test case.

You might try surfaceSmooth and surfaceCheck as well?

griztown December 8, 2009 15:36

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the help. So actually the problem was mine. The title of the file was a very long winded one with lots of punctuation. When I shortened it I wasn't paying attention and deleted the "solid" that preceded it on the first line. Once that was restored all my problems went away.

Another problem I had was that it kept telling me my LocationInMesh vector was not inside the mesh or on a face. I could clearly see that it wasn't but found out that I had my vertices ordered incorrectly so when running blockMesh, it was turned inside out.

Anyway, if anyone comes across this later, hope this helps.

Thanks again.

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