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fijinx December 16, 2009 14:42

locationInMesh Error
I am very new to openFoam and am just trying to get it running at this point. However, I keep getting the error:

Refinement phase

Point (-0.018 -0.018 -0.018) is not inside the mesh or on a face or edge.
Bounding box of the mesh:(-0.254 -0.762 -0.762) (1.778 0.762 0.762)

From function refinementParameters::findCells(const polyMesh&) const
in file autoHexMesh/autoHexMeshDriver/refinementParameters/refinementParameters.C at line 104.

FOAM exiting

. No matter if I choose a point inside the stl or outside (still within the bounding box) I get the same error. Any help is appreciated.

here is my setup which clearly shows the surface within the bounding box.

madad2005 December 16, 2009 14:49

Have a look here:

I had the same issue and I finally resolved it by manipulating the order of my initial bounding box. Can't help you much more than that, I'm afraid.

fijinx December 16, 2009 15:34

Worked great, thank you!

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