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Axel_T December 19, 2009 17:16

snappyHexMesh doesn't merge points?
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I'm writing my diploma thesis about the usage of OpenFOAM for engine development, and have only experience of one month.
My aim is the simulation of a small pre-chamber (about 20mm in diameter), and so I have to generate good mesh for it.

But after meshing with snappy and slicing it in paraFoam, it shows some very tiny cells that could better have been merged. I've attached a screenshot with the problem-areas highlighted.

I have already tried varying every parameter in the snappyHexMeshDict, that seems to be involved with snapping and merging, but it shows no success.

Can anyone help me to merge those cells?
I don't want to have too small cells because the solution seems to get more unstable with smaller cells.

I'd appreciate any hint.


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