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A.Devesa March 10, 2010 06:54

Layers in combination with cyclic conditions
Dear snappyHex Meshers,

i have just couple weeks experience with OpenFoam and its meshing tools, and my first post on this forum is a "beginner" question concerning layers around a 3D geometry, which is wanted to be periodic in one direction:

Is there a way to have a constant distribution of layer cells along this periodicity / homogeneous direction?

Being more precise, i want to mesh a cylinder oriented, let's say, in z direction, with layers around it, that do look alike on the entire spanwise length, and not disappear at the front and back limits (zmin and zmax), which is occuring in my case...

Any hints? I already tried several tricks, such as making my cylinder wider than my domain, playing around with feature edge meshes, ... without success... Thanks!

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